Nasty Juice – Bad Blood Salt 20mg 10ml


Blackcurrant mixed with Mint to give a Subtle cool Icy finish

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Bad Blood by Nasty Salt is a delicious mix of fresh Blackcurrant mixed with Low Mint to give it a subtle cool icy finish. With each vape you’ll notice the outrageous fruitiness of the inhale making way for a cool breath of mint on the exhale, delivering perfectly-balanced, impossible to put down flavour every single time. Refreshing, sweet and dangerously flavoursome!

The Nasty Juice nic salt series is ideal for use with refillable pod kits, but can also be used with any mouth-to-lung tank with a high resistance coil.

Their ability to deliver nicotine to the blood stream far more quickly than standard nicotine-containing e-liquids makes for an immediately satisfying vape and an ideal choice for anyone looking for an effective smoking cessation aid.

Because nic salts are absorbed into the bloodstream so easily and quickly, you should notice the ‘rush’ of nicotine far more immediately than with standard e liquids – even those with a high nicotine content. This provides an immediate feeling of satisfaction, and offers effective, long-lasting relief from cravings.

Technical Details:

Nicotine Salts E Liquid
20mg nicotine strength


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