Demon Killer Wick & Violence Coils Kanthal A1


The Demon Killer Wick & Violence Coil Kanthal A1 Prebuilt Wire Kit with Muscle Cotton is designed for RDA/RBA/RTA/RDTA Atomizers. The box includes the 4 kinds of Violence Kanthal A1 Coil and the Muscle Cotton that will bring clouds of vapor.

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Prebuilt wire kit for more choices, making it convenient for the DIY lover.

The box includes, Violence Kanthal A1 Coil A: Alien V2, 0.25ohm, Violence Kanthal A1 Coil B: Tsuka, 0.25ohm, Violence Kanthal A1 Coil C: Framed Clapton, 0.26ohm and Violence Kanthal A1 Coil D: Staple staggered fused, 0.3ohm.

Packing List:
(1 x) Demon killer Muscle Cotton
(2 x) Wick & Violence A Coil
(2 x) Wick & Violence B Coil
(2 x) Wick & Violence C Coil
(2 x) Wick & Violence D Coil


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