Mad Rabbit Coil Wheel Stainless Steel


Mad Rabbit Coil Wheel, 32 piece pre-made coil set

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Mad Rabbit Coil Wheel, one of the best deals in vaping. This 32 piece pre-made coil set has everything you need! If you’ve every built an alien coil, you’ll appreciate these perfect pre-made coils!

These coils are perfect for big clouds, tons of flavor and best of all they’re made easy to install.

Mad Rabbit Coil Wheel Contains:

4x Staggered Coil (0.3Ohm)
4x Super Clapton Coil (0.7ohm)
4x Clapton Coil (0.32ohm)
4x Tiger Coil (0.26ohm)
4x Fused Clapton Coil (0.3ohm)
4x Alien Clapton Coil (0.28ohm)
4x Hive Coil (0.55ohm)
4x Quad Coil (0.2ohm)


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